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Win the game with our wide range of Men clothing. Get the compression base layer shorts for Men anywhere in United kingdom. Best for long ride cycling.

Product Details

  • Men's Compression Shorts has an ergonomic design with a flat seam construction, designed to reduce chafing and Improve the fit to enhance performance.
  • Ideal as a base layer or for training, Didoo Shorts are a tight fit compression garment.
  • All Season Compression Base layer which keeps you cool when its hot and keeps you hot when its cool.
  • The light and tight compression fit is built to move with you for zero distractions, while the breathable, low profile design fits cleanly under a uniform.
  • Flat lock stitching - eliminates thick seams, for greater comfort against the skin.
  • This base layer is made of High Quality Fabric 80% Polyamide20% Elastane.
  • This product is 100% Genuine and come with tags.
  • Available Colours:
  • Black, White, Grey, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Red, Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent Green (You can find other colors from our store)
  • We are using 3D Images which are 95% similar to the original one.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • About Compression Base Layers: Compression base layers enhance performance in training, competing and recovery, and are designed to reduce the quick build up of lactic acid in the muscles, whilst keeping you comfortable and dry during exercise by wicking moisture away from your skin. Body moulded compression garments also improve recovery after periods of sustained exercise and help to regulate your body temperature. Compression base layers also help prevent muscle oscillation which leads to muscle fatigue and help to minimize muscle soreness.

About the Didoo Brand

  • Didoo is a performance and technical sports apparel brand founded in West Yorkshire, UK, in 2012. We are passionate about the exhilaration of being outside and enjoying sport. Our cycling and Compression collections are designed for all levels of participant.
  • At Didoo, our in-house design & development team in West Yorkshire work with global partners who are experts in manufacturing, materials and technology to deliver the highest quality products. We strive to create stylish and durable apparel that allows our users to forget about gear and focus on their sport.
WASEEM ABBAS Jutt 24/01/2019

i do not like its color please improve colors

WASEEM ABBAS Jutt 24/01/2019

This is best website for online cycling wears

WASEEM ABBAS Jutt 24/01/2019

i like this item very much but only the color need to be improve

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