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Our range of men's compression base layer clothes including  Long sleeve tops, short sleeve tops, leggings, shorts & t-shirts perfect for running, cycling training & gym workouts.

  • Product Details
  • Men's Compression Short Sleeve Shirts has an ergonomic plan with a level crease development, intended to lessen scraping and Improve the fit to upgrade execution.
  • Perfect as a base layer or for preparing, Didoo Shirts are a tight fit pressure piece of clothing.
  • All Seasons Compression Baselayer which keeps you cool when it is hot and keeps you warm when its cool means you can wear it all the seasons.
  • The light and tight pressure fit are worked to move with you for zero diversions, while the breathable, low profile configuration fits neatly under a uniform.
  • Flatlock sewing - dispenses with thick creases, for more noteworthy solace against the skin.
  • This base layer is made of High-Quality Fabric 80% Polyamide20% Elastane.
  • This item is 100% Genuine and accompanies labels.
  • Accessible Colors:
  • Dark, White, Gray, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Red, Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent Green (You can discover all hues from our store)
  • We are utilizing 3D Images which are 95% like the first one.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • About Compression Base Layers: Compression base layers improve execution in preparing, contending and recuperation, and are intended to diminish the fast development of lactic acid in the muscles while keeping you agreeable and dry amid exercise by wicking dampness far from your skin. Body formed pressure pieces of clothing additionally enhance recuperation after times of supported practice and help to manage your body temperature. Pressure baselayers likewise help avoid muscle swaying which prompts muscle exhaustion and help to limit muscle soreness.
  • About the Didoo Brand:
  • Didoo is execution and specialized games clothing brand established in West Yorkshire, UK, in 2012. We are energetic about the happiness of being outside and getting a charge out of the game. Our cycling and Compression accumulations are intended for all dimensions of the member.
  • At Didoo, our in-house structure and advancement group in West Yorkshire work with worldwide accomplices who are specialists in assembling, materials, and innovation to convey the most high-quality items. We endeavor to make stylish and robust clothing that enables our clients to disregard apparatus and spotlight on their game.

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